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The Overlight is the result of years of passion, research and development by Luce, the inspiration came from the Logitech g pro x, we then tuned the mouse to improve it on various aspects:

  • The fingers get in contact with the clicks at a wider angle, to ensure sharpness and responsiveness of their actuation on all grip styles.
  • The front side of the mouse stands lower to aid in accuracy
  • The lower profile of the mouse leaves more space for adjusting the device while on fingertip grips


For us was also very important to not lose what made the original g pro x so widely appreciated:

  •  We kept the same curvature and width of the bump, ensuring a high degree of control while on claw grip, and a natural operative angle of the wrist joint
  • We kept the sides of the mouse design unchanged, making it easy to grip and comfortable


Improvements don't end here:

  • The Overlight clocks at 38 grams
  • The Overlight has a very low center of gravity Thanks to the battery being mounted under  the PCB (14 hours battery duration of continuous use, 30 minutes recharge time)
  • It's possible to adjust the actuation of the clicks (front and side buttons) with a simple small screwdriver (Everything is included)
  • The mouse comes with pre-installed CorePad mouse skates, for top-of-the-line glide and control


The Overlight is 3d printed, Luceout has spent months working with the best manufacturers to develop a unique surface finish that makes the mouse feel amazing, the surface is grippy, smooth, and comfortable to the touch.

A high degree of attention has also been dedicated to structural integrity and rigidity, achieving great results.


This mouse is going to be a purchase you will look back with a smile on your face.

  • Weight: 38g
  • Dimension: 123*64*37mm
  • Adjustable pre-travel of front clicks and side buttons
  • Low center of gravity
  • Mounting corepad mouse skates
  • Battery Capacity: 150mAH (14h battery duration of continuous use, 30 minutes recharge time)


The Overlight uses the Delux M800PRO (3370) internals:

  • Switches: Kailh 8.0 (80 million clicks lifespan)
  • DPI:From 50DPI up to 19000DPI supporting minimum 50DPI step setting (PAW-3370/On-board Memory Setting)
  • Polling Rate: 125/250/500/1000 Hz
  • Connection: Type C Wired+ 2.4G Wireless+BT1+BT2,Up to 4 Devices
  • Buttons: 5 Programmable Buttons (Left Click, Right Click, Scroll Wheel, Forward, Backward)
  • Acceleration: 50G ACC
  • IPS: 400S
  • Interface: Type C (Come with 1.6m Braided Ultraweave Weave Cable)
  • Compatible with Windows8/10/Mac OS
€ 150,00Price
VAT Included

Credits: PMM
A special thanks go to PMM, who developed many of the systems our mice are built upon.

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