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With this service, LuceOut enables its customers to develop their own mice, based on their designs and ideas.


The customer not only will receive the final product, but will be made the owner of all the design files necessary for its production.
Working together we will make a timeline for the job, and step by step we will work through all the design and production phases, each time validating the job done by digital documentation or physical prototypes.


Thanks to our experience, we are able to undertake an incredible amount of different Requests:

  • Mouse shape rescaling (Changing the dimension of a mouse shape to your requirements)

  • Mouse shape original design (Taking inspiration from features of any commercial mice and combining them together)

  • The use of any PCB

  • Choosing the PCB microswitches and Encoder

  • And more...


Yes, together we will make your vision a reality.


Because of the personalized nature of this service, it's possible to make and finalize a quote only after having analyzed the request in its detail, if interested, please follow these steps:

  1. Write at "" your idea for a custom mouse, the more detailed the better.

  2. If we feel excited about your idea, and if our workload allows us to undertake the project, we will make a non-definitive quote for the entire job, and schedule a voice chat session on discord (we will ask for a symbolic rate of 25€ as a sign of mutual seriousness about the project).

  3. After having finalized all the details about the project we will carry on making a final quotation.

  4. If the quotation is accepted we will start the project!

How much could my project cost?

The cost of a project is based on an hourly rate of 25 €/h, for reference, a project involving the rescaling of a commercial mouse shape, and the use of either the M800 PRO or the G305 Internals can cost between 600 and 1000 €.

More complex projects, involving the use of different internals, the design of an original shape, or the combination of both, can be much more expensive.


This service is oriented to a restricted amount of people, who love and are passionate about gaming peripherals and want to design their own mice, with their own ideas and own them FOREVER.


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